This situation is not present only with this motherboard, I’ve seen it now on about 3 different models all DDR boards from different manufacturers. The Overclocking Powerhouse Page Countless Jumpers Page Quake 3 Arena Page The Overclocking Powerhouse, Continued Page Quake 3 Arena Direct3D Performance:

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The Overclocking Powerhouse, Continued. Special Features Page The Ultimate In Stability.

EPoX Computer EP-8KHA, Socket A, AMD Motherboard

You know something is definitely going on when several board manufacturers delay the release of their product, or in some cases, pulling the sp-8kha back completely until the issues could be solved.

A Worthy Leader, Continued. The Overclocking Powerhouse Board revision: The Overclocking Powerhouse Page Reference Board 2 Test Configuration: Reference Board 2 Page The Latest On Tom’s Hardware.

Although the chipset was introduced to the public last year, the first KT boards seemed to arrive with different issues relating to system stability, and most of the boards received a less than warm welcome from the hardware testing community.


Not Your Average Board.

EPoX Computer EP-8KHA, Socket A, AMD Motherboard | eBay

We hypothesized that this could be a problem of delivering sufficient power to the AGP slot for the epp-8kha clocked Ti however once Windows was properly installed, the Ti worked just fine. Although I know there are people out there somewhere that have an AMR device probably a modem in their system, I have yet to meet or talk ep-8khaa to anyone that does. One thing that is absent from the board are a lot of jumpers for configuration and overclocking.

The Ultimate In Stability Page High Voltage Shuttle AK A Good All-Rounder Page We tried multiple cards to no avail. With the features it offers for overclocking, this board should find plenty of friends: The integral port 80 card also deserves mentioning, as this allows any faults to be diagnosed even on bootup.

Countless Jumpers Page Flask Mpeg And Divx. The Overclocking Powerhouse Page Motherboard Configuration, Continued Page How did I do?


Flask Mpeg And Divx Page Ready For Palomino Page 6: Subscribe to our newsletter.

EPOX EP-8KHA Motherboard Mainboard

Ready For Palomino Page 6: Up Close And Personal: Located to the rear of the board’s DIMM memory slots, toward the top corner of the board, are some capacitors that are mounted near the corner. The Epox board comes in this snazzy bag. Now It’s Stable, Continued. Sysmark Page Transistor switches on the underside of the board.

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