Send a private message to Rick Settle. Who knows what they “pack” there. It is interesting from where that comes. The only guess I have: Nashville Telecaster, Bass, etc.

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Find More Posts by Rick Settle. I’d hate to throw out hardware over something simple, but I’m on the verge of doing that way past the 30 days and besides, Sweetwater already exchabged the unit. User Control Panel Log out.


The time now is Something is wrong here I use to have a Xenyx mixer and don’t recall any drivers CD coming with it. I also immediately noticed clicking sound from my monitors whenever Windows opened or closed a new screen or window.

Nashville Telecaster, Bass, etc. The noise level is definitively lower then from build-in Realtek which I have connected to the mixer once. Don’t know how long the links will remain valid.

What is going on with Behringer? But, I have to switch back to the Realtech drivers if I leave Reaper in order to hear any other audio.


Send a private message to rustyStrings. Forums Posts Latest Posts.

The only guess I have: All times are GMT These links may work. It is interesting from where that comes. They was also advertised as “Ultra low latency”.

Find More Posts by rustyStrings. I saw vehringer post about Windows 10 turning off USB ports to save power and I believe that was the problem.

Behringer ASIO drivers disappeared…

Its been running smoothly since I changed the power saving setting for USB. Returning to default audio can still be a problem with unplugging the umc usb and rebooting as a last resort although I have got it to work by switching default speakers.

I was using that with XP running on I know what you will behringre TheMaartian Max Output Level: Send a private message to MikeMcK. Open settings–search ‘device manager’ behtinger open control panel–go to USB serial bus controller and double-click on it it opens a second window with a tab for Power Management–uncheck ‘Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power’ I’m new to reaper, still evaluating but maybe this will help.

Most synth was “no go” without rendering first, but otherwise I was satisfied if I want do something with recorded results I use different PC in another room. These drivers had some strangeness: Essentials Only Full Version.


Behringer say they have no and had no!

No crashing but now I can’t get any other audio out of my laptop prior to this, I’d get audio from a YouTube video out of my monitors. Haven’t received registration validation E-mail? Send a private message to Rick Settle.

behringer UMC202HD ASIO drivers?

I took files I had on my old disk I saved all versions I could find back in time, also 64bit one. But small Xenyx with USB is cheapest “all in one solution” for home hobbyist like me, for example QX with 4 pre-amps, several line ins and USB interface is the only device I could find under behringet to connect e-drums, Live Play GTX for guitar and voiceextra mics if required.

I have updated to Win10, which in general is running much smoother.